Thursday, October 23, 2014

A checklist: Why have we stopped thinking?

Anger and outrage do not get us anywhere. Another incident with a 3 year old girl in Bangalore. Who are the stake holders? School Management, Teachers, and Parents? Who governs the schools? Are the schools and Management answerable to anyone other than parents? What details are looked into for giving permissions to schools? What are mandatory & what are nice to have and who has this information? 

Think of a similar situation at work. When the same issue repeats, we do a “Root cause analysis”, responsibilities are revisited and proactive measures are taken to prevent recurrence of issues. Dozens of mails, a couple of escalation, extra hours of work, longer hours on conference calls, unless all answers are delivered and the customer is satisfied the particular teams are under fire. Are our children not more valuable than these issues at work? Are emotions not more fragile than the service level agreements? Which is more painful: the scar in mind of a young 3 or 5 year old when being sexually abused or a contractual obligation?

If a team of professionals can work in the best interest of the client and their own organization to meet timeline, deliver the best quality work, coordinating among hundreds and thousands across the globe, why is the sensitivity lost here? Bangalore, the IT hub of India has an issue with fixing an ISSUE. Can you believe this?

What more do we need before doing a route cause analysis? How can we put an action plan in place? Can the state / central Government issue a checklist of mandatory things that schools should adhere to? Can this checklist be openly debated, updated and maintained by a forum comprising of school management and (selected) Parents and shared with all other stake holders from time to time. Can this piece of document be a critical document to be reviewed every quarter so that it is updated with any new mandatory requirement. 

How do we know which school is safe and which is not? Is there a health parameter red/amber/green? Children of my friends go to schools in Bangalore. I trust children and grand-children of most politicians and policemen would also go to the same schools. Do those children get different or so called better care because their parents are law makers or Policemen? 

When Alia's video of "Going home"  is going viral, and we talk about "Can we give her the world that she believes exists", what is the belief of these 3 and 5 year olds about the world they live in and what are we going to do for them? Just being a a human qualifies each one of us to be responsible for this answer.

I just have questions. The more I think, I just get more questions. If you have answers, put them on comments. Let us see if we can do our bit for the change that we want to see.

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